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October 2024

Brute Force
in 104 days
8th October 2024

Ready? Set....FIGHT!

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September 2024

SanQuentin2 Icon 2.png
San Quentin 2: Death Row
in 83 days
17th September 2024

Some people deserve the Death Penalty!

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Sk8 or Die Icon.png
Skate or Die
in 69 days
3rd September 2024

We should like ... totally shred dude!

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August 2024

Stockholm Syndrome
in 55 days
20th August 2024

Love works in mysterious ways!

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in 41 days
6th August 2024

We are all slaves in a factory

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July 2024

apocalypse icon.png
Apocalypse Super xNudge®
in 27 days
23rd July 2024

The world was about to end, big deal, right? We’d seen that movie like, a million times. What we didn’t expect was what happened after! The world turned into a post-nuclear playground filled with crazed delinquents with some ... let’s just say “funky mutations”

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Punk Rocker 2
in 13 days
9th July 2024

You best believe Punk Rocker is back! The policy is the same as it was in the UK... f**k conformity. The system will never stop us, New York is ours. Besides, everything looks better in graffiti anyway.

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June 2024

18 Jun
18th June 2024

A lone survivor washes up on a tropical island after a violent shipwreck. Unbeknown to him, a soul-devouring Tzantza collector lurks in the shadows, his trophy case demanding a new addition. By nightfall, the hunt begins. This is one island getaway the survivor won’t forget. Unless of course, he loses his head!

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Deadwood R.I.P
04 Jun
4th June 2024

El Gordo, Edda Star, and Skinny Joe are back, stinkin’ up Tombstone worse than a sidewinder in a saloon. This time, it ain’t about bounties – it’s about sendin’ those varmints to a permanent dirt nap. So saddle up partners, Deadwood R.I.P is about to get real wild!

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May 2024

21 May
21st May 2024

My friends always call me a loner, but I don’t listen. What does my imagination know about my social life? Sit back, relax and watch as your TV speaks back to you but not in the way you imagine it to. Never feel alone again, LONER is here.

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Kenneth Must Die_Icon.png
Kenneth Must Die
07 May
7th May 2024

Kenneth has the perfect life. Sunshine and Roses. Wife and Kids. A well-paying job and a flashy car. One thing we suspect though, is that Kenneth lives a weird double life. What could that be about?

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April 2024

Tombstone: No Mercy
16 Apr
16th April 2024

We’re revisiting Tombstone, the land of the quickest gunslingers in the entire Wild West. It’s wise not to underestimate the power of a classic bounty - but throw in a few extra tools into the mix and you’ve got a hell of a reason to go all guns blazin’.

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March 2024

21 Mar
21st March 2024


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05 Mar
5th March 2024

Welcome to your worst nightmare. These twisted demons are kings of the inverted - and will stop at nothing until they’re one with your soul. Forget the Bible, we think the only solution is to burn the whole thing down.

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February 2024

Fire in the Hole Fan_Icon.png
Fire in the Hole 2
22 Feb
22nd February 2024

The deeper we go - the more explosive things need to get! After years of mining the grimiest caves known to dwarf-kind and even finding the love of his life along the way, Nolimit’s favourite dwarf is set to make a return to the mines, now ‘quipped with an arsenal of powerful new tools under his belt... I wonder what those mysterious glowing crystals do?

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13 Feb
13th February 2024

When knee-deep into the clutches of all out war - you’ll need to unleash everything you’ve got at your withering hopes of victory. Here, pure chaos is your friend - and when mixed in with a lethal dose of grit and adrenaline, there might just be hope. It all comes down to this.

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January 2024

LOF icons_1.1.png
Land Of The Free
23 Jan
23rd January 2024

Meet the Langford Family in all of its starred and striped glory. Nothing to see here, just your everyday normal God-Fearin’ family unit. A true beacon of American excellence - but we shouldn’t forget that this is the Land of the Free after all - and most times, bizarre situations call for bizarre solutions.

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Devil's Crossroad_icons_1.1.png
Devil's Crossroad
09 Jan
9th January 2024

It's time you made a deal with the devil. The everlasting thirst for fame and fortune runs deep through the veins of some - and they’ll be damned if they had it any other way. Redemption will only get you so far - here, the devil deals the cards.

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December 2023

JB icons_1.1.png
Jingle Balls
05 Dec
5th December 2023

It’s universally accepted that Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice - but has anyone stopped to think whether Santa himself has been behaving this year? Well... Why don’t you come and sit down on Santa’s lap and find out?

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November 2023

NTF icons_1.1.png
Nine To Five
21 Nov
21st November 2023

We’re living the dream! Here at RatRaceTM, we’re not like any other organisation - we’re a FAMILY. Every day our superstars are blessed to wake up to the sweet symphony of Excel sheets, powdered coffee, and a cubicle with a view... of more cubicles - and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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RTK icons_1.1.png
07 Nov
7th November 2023

Every year - Millions of animals around the world are brutally roadkill’d. It’s about damn time they took a stand - and took things into their own paws. Papa Bear, Fred the Rabbit and Deer Joe are here, and they’re not taking any sh!t from anyone.

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October 2023

icons_1.1 (2).png
Ugliest Catch
17 Oct
17th October 2023

We’re heading to the dirty and slimy depths of a lake plagued by years of illegal and toxic dumping - in search of the Ugliest Catch. Mix in a “couple” of beers and you’ve got the most unpleasantly thrilling fishing trip to ever hit the world of slots.

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icons_1.1 (1).png
Space Donkey
03 Oct
3rd October 2023

A species-confused Monkey gets visited by the beyond - but our little friend won’t be getting probed so easily. Space Donkey decided to fight back with the deadliest arsenal available to Ape-Kind - annihilating hoards of aliens and collecting their sweet, sweet gold along the way. Classic!

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September 2023

The Crypt
05 Sep
5th September 2023

They say legends never die. Turns out ‘they’ were right! It just took a Nolimit slot to get the world’s greatest and most-decomposed stars together for one last ride - to produce one extremely volatile banger. Welcome, to The Crypt.

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August 2023

DJ Psycho
22 Aug
22nd August 2023

Some refuse to believe that he even exists. Others believe he’s just a hallucinogenic demon... But if there’s one thing we know for sure - this DJ’s bound to blast the socks off anyone who’s lucky enough to be in his presence, and this slot gives a taste of that beautiful chaos that is DJ P5ychØ.

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True Kult
08 Aug
8th August 2023

Join us. Free your mind, body and soul from the shackles of every day life and be reborn into the one True Kult. What are you waiting for? Join us. Eternal bliss awaits.

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July 2023

Icon_Bounty Hunters.png
Bounty Hunters
11 Jul
11th July 2023

The infamous gunslingers are back once again, in their ruthless pursuit of anything or anyone with a price on their heads. Virtuous or vile, it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day it’s all about the cash. In this world, you’re either all in - or you’re dead.

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June 2023

The Cage
20 Jun
20th June 2023

This is where legends rise, and champions fall. The Cage doesn't take lightly to strangers. Load up on muscle and ensure you've got a lot of grit as you uppercut and roundhouse kick your way through the ranks, on your way to becoming the GOAT.

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06 Jun
6th June 2023

Diets? Exercise? Not for us. We hope you're in the mood for food, cos we're flipping the food pyramid upside down - and stuffing it right into this fat bastard's mouth. Bigger is better and moderation is NOT key , so let loose and dig in.

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May 2023

22 May
22nd May 2023

So, you wanna be a gangsta? Welcome to the family. Bring your best pinstripe suit and step into the world of mobsters, dames and dough. Don't forget to pack ya' finest knuckle dusters. Just don't get mixed up in no funny business - or it'll be curtains for ya.

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10 May
10th May 2023

Sometimes, people aren't who they seem to be. Dare to enter the demented clinic of Dr. Daniel Eath, where top-quality service often leaves patients breathless... Brace yourselves for the twisted chaos that goes on behind the curtains. The Doctor will see you now.

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April 2023

Kiss My Chainsaw
11 Apr
11th April 2023

One quiet summer night, in a town where nothing really goes on, fate had a different plan for two ladies who hitched a ride home. Little did they know they'd just gotten friendly with Chainsaw Larry, who's known to enjoy the sweet and satisfying fragrance of fear and fuel. His weapon of choice? Brum-brum-brum-brum- BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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March 2023

Blood & Shadow
07 Mar
7th March 2023

Deep into the shadows of an abandoned cathedral lays a dark mist - where the underworld is free to roam, and immortality beckons. After decades of studying the forbidden arts, far away from any form of civilization, Shadow Girl has discovered a ritual for eternal youth. It's time to enact the ritual.

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February 2023

Benji Killed In Vegas
07 Feb
7th February 2023

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. In the city of sin, it's all about the Benjamins - and in this case, it's also about the Abes and the G's. From the streets to the studio, the road to fame and riches is a tough one, but there's no doubting it'll be one hell of a ride!

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January 2023

Walk of Shame
17 Jan
17th January 2023

You wake up. It's 1pm. Throat's on fire. 8 missed calls from your boss. Glass shards in your hair. Your ride's trashed and spray painted pink. What the hell happened? Join the insanely opulent Mr. E and his gang of eccentric guests on the ultimate house party where nothing is off-limits. An irresistible offer that'll only lead to the infamous walk of shame.

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December 2022

Icon_Dead Canary.png
Dead Canary
20 Dec
20th December 2022

It turns out that life in the mines doesn’t have to be so miserable - unless you happen to be a canary. After successfully finding the perfect brew recipe for the perfect beer, it’s now time to accompany our favourite angry dwarf on his quest for true love... It goes without saying that such a journey will require tonnes of explosives, heaps of treasure as well as a handful of trusty old canaries to scope out those dusty mines.

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Pearl Harbor
07 Dec
7th December 2022

TORA TORA TORA!!!!! Over 80 years ago, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor permanently changed the course of history. The absolute chaos which ensued is reflected in this slot as you take to the skies and bomb, slice, and kamikaze your way to ultimate victory in this adrenaline rush of a cluster game. Wreaking havoc is the only way. There's NO holding back.

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November 2022

Rock Bottom
22 Nov
22nd November 2022

They say that after hitting rock bottom, the only way is up. Wrong! It gets worse. Much worse. This slot follows the downfall of someone who's lost someone VERY dear to them. Experience true psychological despair as they embody the 5 stages of grief, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and, finally, Acceptance. This dark, substance-filled universe leaves nothing on the table... and can only result in total insanity.

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08 Nov
8th November 2022

There’s a killer on the loose. Not just any killer. This is the slot about the brutal ‘Bodycam Butcher’. He has no fear - he IS fear. His thirst for blood grows stronger every night, and mercy is not in his vocabulary. Forget sleeping with one eye open - you’re going to need your full wits about you to to survive the disgusting world of SERIAL!

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October 2022

Little Bighorn
11 Oct
11th October 2022

“It is not necessary for eagles to be crows.” - Sitting Bull History. Identity. Freedom. The legendary battle of Little Bighorn proved to the new world that these three things are worth fighting for ‘till the very end - and that Native American power is not brought down so easily. Sharpen your axes and load up your guns, this epic showdown is about to go down.

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September 2022

The Border
13 Sep
13th September 2022

Hope can only get you so far. Discover the desolate world of triggerhappy patrol agents and cash fuelled cartel kingpins. Freedom and riches beyond your wildest desires await, but there’s one thing in the way. Don’t underestimate the power of this wall - Most end up being the vulture’s evening feed.

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August 2022

Road Rage
16 Aug
16th August 2022

Buckle up - We’re hitting the road. Every traffic jam starts with at least one dumba$$. This one has five! Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee, because this slot puts the ‘rush’ into rush hour traffic. Anger management classes won’t help you here - you’re in for the ride of your life.

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July 2022

The Rave
12 Jul
12th July 2022

Get ready to rave to the grave. Literally. Join Joe Labrador, a.k.a DJ P5ychØ Manhunt on a transcendent journey into the wildest rave anyone has ever experienced. Legend has it that those who lose themselves to the beat here never return - So glow up and let the music take you all the way up to heaven! Just keep an eye on your water, it might just turn into wine.

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June 2022

Folsom Prison
14 Jun
14th June 2022

The wrong crowd can get you into a lot of $h!t, in this case, we just got front-row seats to witness the brutal scenes at Folsom - one of the harshest prisons to carry out a sentence in. Cold-blooded and tough as nails, you’re gonna need to smuggle in something sharp. The default reel area starts out as 2222+ and 16 win ways, but can quickly expand to its full size of 46664.

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May 2022

Karen Maneater
10 May
10th May 2022

Karen’s stirring the pot and she’s taken bone broth to a whole different level. Join her and her raccoon gang in looting the town to establish order. She’s dealt with all the managers, if you’re not careful - you’ll be next.

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April 2022

Remember Gulag
19 Apr
19th April 2022

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” - Winston Churchill. Conditions at the Gulag are brutal - it’s hell on earth. One hand gesture can send you to that hell, but one plan can help you escape.

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March 2022

Misery Mining
15 Mar
15th March 2022

An impossible master mining treasure: Gold or liquid gold? Join this angry dwarf on his lifelong mission to find the ULTIMATE beer recipe - no amount of tears and sweat will stop him from having a perfect cold one.

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February 2022

Punk Toilet
08 Feb
8th February 2022

We’re not taking the piss - this slot is nuts. The notorious and beloved characters from Punk Rocker reappear, this time in a public restroom where $h!t gets weird and P!$$ battles are a thing. On a wild night out, Punk Toilet will either be your greatest nightmare or the best part of your night.

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January 2022

Tombstone R.I.P
11 Jan
11th January 2022

Someone needs to put these outlaws down because they are out of control. We’ll take justice into our own hands in Tombstone R.I.P. and hit ‘em where it hurts. The lowlifes and gunslingers have no idea what’s coming, but it’ll be a slow and agonizing death.

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December 2021

True Grit Redemption
21 Dec
21st December 2021

A mission for vengeance develops into a harrowing journey where the crew’s grit is tested. Will you join them on their quest for redemption, where the stakes are high and the guns blazing?

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November 2021

Legion X
30 Nov
30th November 2021

Join us as we venture into the legion of the Imperial Roman Army, where we fight on land, sea, and even on horseback. Known and feared across the world, our legion is home to some of the most skilled and welltrained killers of our time.

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October 2021

Evil Goblins xBomb®
12 Oct
12th October 2021

The mischievous goblins would like to come out to play in this slot. They are a malevolent bunch who want to interfere with your game and throw explosives everywhere just to get their way. Stop them from feeding off your soul in the new Evil Goblins xBomb.

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September 2021

Das xBoot
14 Sep
14th September 2021

Perishing in the harsh sea’s depths lies the lost WWII gold, hidden in a longed after submarine. The fight for gold is at an all-time high, where the hunters can become the prey very easily.

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August 2021

31 Aug
31st August 2021

It is mental, truly mental. Located in a mental institute, in a part of the country where no-one except nurses and doctors really dare to visit... xWays®, xNudge®, Dead Patients - the madness never really ends with this sepia-toned master piece. Join Patient-1 to 5 in this sinister asylum in search of an epiphany and a clear mind.

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July 2021

xWays Hoarder xSplit
06 Jul
6th July 2021

Collect all the toilet paper you can, buy a gas mask and steal the biggest f*in car you can find. Now you’re ready to play xWays Hoarder.

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June 2021

Infectious 5 xWays®
01 Jun
1st June 2021

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Say hello to Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery and Toxicity - in a slot from Nolimit City based on the Infectious xWays mechanic that boasts four different bonus modes. Nolimit City is taking it back a notch to only focus on one of the xMechanics - this time its the xWays and the upgraded and very explosive version called Infectious xWays.

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May 2021

El Paso Gunfight xNudge®
04 May
4th May 2021

You wanted the best, so we present you the best Gunslinger in the ol’ Wild West - Dallas Stoudenmire.

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April 2021

Bushido Ways xNudge®
13 Apr
13th April 2021

Honour, Respect, Tribute, Glory, Fear and Revenge - Learn the way of the Warrior in Bushido Ways xNudge! The game features a 5x4 reel area, 1,024 ways that can expand up to 24,576 ways to win, Wilds / Sliced Wilds, Oni Transform and The Wild Geisha. The most honourable and fearless Bushido warriors get to experience The Journey’s End - which is only achievable by reaching the maximum payout of the game, 30,000x.

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March 2021

Fire In The Hole
02 Mar
2nd March 2021

Grab your sharpest pickaxe and your most explosive dynamite as Nolimit City takes you deep down underground to where the sun doesn’t shine - but the gold does. With a 6x3 reel area that expands up to 6x6, exploding wilds and 64 ways to win that can expand up to 46,656 - you’ll blast your way through the mines in search of the lucrative gold.

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February 2021

East Coast VS West Coast
02 Feb
2nd February 2021

In East Coast vs West Coast, Nolimit City takes you back to the golden era of hip-hop, into a world filled with bouncing lowriders, massive shiny spinner rims, blasting boomboxes and vivid graffiti.

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January 2021

San Quentin xWays®
12 Jan
12th January 2021

Nolimit City have been sentenced to 25 to life at the maximum-security prison San Quentin, our crime? Creating a slot game so outrageous, you have the potential to win 150,000 times your bet with the Psycho Manhunt. Sharpen your shivs and head behind bars with convicted felons Crazy Joe Labrador and Beefy Dick for a high pace high action game that is a guaranteed good time... Just don’t drop the soap!

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December 2020

Tomb of Akhenaten
15 Dec
15th December 2020

Akhenaten “the mad Man” with the belief in one Sun God made him an enemy that the ancients wanted to erase and hide him away from history. Nolimit City re-visits the ancient Egyptians in another search for golds and riches buried in the fabled tombs of the pharaoh gods; with an expanding area and a freespin with an increasing multiplier for those divine awards!

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November 2020

Warrior Graveyard xNudge
03 Nov
3rd November 2020

Warrior Graveyard xNudge® brings back our classic nudge mechanic for another memorable battle. Following the events of Barbarian Fury, we find our selves in the Warrior Graveyard featuring 2 high potential bonuses with the Graveyard spins and Death spins all incorporating the xNudge mechanic.

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October 2020

Monkey's Gold xPays
13 Oct
13th October 2020

The Monkey King rules the jungle and controls its riches. This new slot game from Nolimit City introduces the innovative new payout structure mechanic called xPays. Trigger a win on reel 1 to 3 and get free drops to see your win increase. The number of symbols collected is multiplied by its value - simple and fun! Monkey’s Gold xPays offers potent symbol-altering features like symbol upgrades, symbol multipliers and colossal symbols!

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September 2020

Buffalo Hunter
08 Sep
8th September 2020

The mighty buffalo roamed the plains of the American prairie. The mystic power of the buffalo and the prairie roams in this feature-packed video slot by Nolimit City.

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August 2020

Book of Shadows
20 Aug
20th August 2020

Hidden in the shadows lies the book of enchantments to alter the reality of “reel” world. The book will give the power to change the setup for every spin in this interactive title.

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Immortal Fruits
04 Aug
4th August 2020

Disco fever never really went away, and Immortal Fruits is living proof! This illuminated slot game will bring a touch of class whilst delivering a party hard vibe and fun returns. A wheel of fortune never goes amiss.

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July 2020

Golden Genie And The Walking Wilds
07 Jul
7th July 2020

The worst kept secret in the mysterious Middle East, is the Genie in the Lamp, who’s owner will summon the Genie and be granted his most desirable wishes. With 5x3 reel area and packed with remarkable features, you will experience the riches of the Middle East. Will you see your wishes come true?

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June 2020

Milky Ways
24 Jun
24th June 2020

“In space, no one can hear you scream” is a classic tagline from Ridley Scott’s masterpiece “Alien” from 1979. Milky Ways and its bonus mode will however make you scream when you hit it, and we’re sure someone will hear your excitement...

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Bonus Bunnies
09 Jun
9th June 2020

The critters are running the farm! Brightly animated and loads of fun, chasing the furries and harvesting the carrots.

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May 2020

Deadwood xNudge®
06 May
6th May 2020

The Gunslingers are back! Follow the bounty hunters in the notorious town of Deadwood, with the narliest quick-draws of the Wild West.

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April 2020

Harlequin Carnival
07 Apr
7th April 2020

Harlequin Carnival takes another stab at Nolimit City’s trademarked xNudge mechanic, but now with an added twist to it - Walking xNudge Wilds! With a walking xNudge® wild multiplier feature in both main game as well as the bonus game - Harlequin Spins - this game has put some immense festive spirit into its features.

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March 2020

Gaelic Gold
15 Mar
15th March 2020

Gaelic Gold xNudge is a classic 3x3 reel video slot with Nolimit City’s trademarked xNudge mechanic to really find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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Barbarian Fury
03 Mar
3rd March 2020

Barbarian Fury xNudge® focuses on the classic nudge mechanic, but with a brutal twist with majestic rewards to follow. Reintroducing the wild multiplier feature xNudge® in both main game as well as the bonus game - Barbarian Respin and Fury Spins both holds major potential with its xNudge mechanic.

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February 2020

Punk Rocker
12 Feb
12th February 2020

Punk Rocker xWays® is here and packs a punch with its arsenal of features packed into noisy and up-tempo slot driven by pure adrenaline. Reintroducing the reel expanding feature xWays® as well as scatter triggered features - Riot Respin, Anarchy Freespin and the hard to get Civil War Freespins. This game also unveils an updated mobile friendly bet panel, customised to an even enhanced future of mobile first game development, accompanied of the new player facing Promo Tool interface.

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January 2020

Poison Eve
07 Jan
7th January 2020

Poison Eve, with her seducing eyes, invites you to the deep mysterious forest of Pandora. Distilling the powerful potions from the vines of the Tree of Enchantment, for you to reap the benefits. Poison Eve holds a number of potent features and a powerful Freespin feature with magic portals that will fill the reels with expanding symbols for massive payouts.

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December 2019

Dragon Tribe
12 Dec
12th December 2019

In the coarse land of dragons roams the Dragon Huntress in her search for glory and riches. xWays, xNudge and cascading reel - the setup in Dragon Tribe is spectacular and the combinations of wins in Dragon Spins can keep this game going for a long time....

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November 2019

Tomb of Nefertiti
05 Nov
5th November 2019

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tomb Raider and now comes the opportunity for you to join the long list of adventurers and raid the long-lost chambers filled with riches within the Tomb of Nefertiti! Nefertiti died a queen and was handsomely rewarded a Queens journey to the beyond in the Valley of the Kings.

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October 2019

Manhattan Goes Wild
02 Oct
2nd October 2019

Manhattan Goes Wild is a bonus-packed game with a focus on two main characters enjoying a cocktail party where symbols turn into Wilds.

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September 2019

Pixies vs Pirates
03 Sep
3rd September 2019

The Pixies are sick of the Pirate raids and they’ve had it - no more sweet gentle fairies- it's time to fight back! Which side are you on...?

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August 2019

Hot 4 Cash
15 Aug
15th August 2019

Hot 4 Cash is a volatile video slot with a big chunk of the RTP in its features. All pay well, but the Super Freespins are what players will be after...

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Thor Hammer Time
01 Aug
1st August 2019

Thor is a high-volatile slot with a high feature hit frequency. The pay out mostly lies within the Thor’s Lightning Bonus feature - both in the main game but also with it’s enhanced functionality in Asgard Spins.

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July 2019

The Creepy Carnival
16 Jul
16th July 2019

Creepy Carnival has a very exciting respin functionality on all wins. All symbols spin individually, and for any win, the winning symbols can respin twice. An added multiplier will further enhance your potential win, incrementally increasing for each respin. All wild symbols are sticky on respins to favour the player.

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Tractor Beam
02 Jul
2nd July 2019

Something strange is going on in the fields in the Midwest - the farm animals isn’t super psyched about the weird activities that’s happening both night and day....

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June 2019

Mayan Magic Wildfire
04 Jun
4th June 2019

Mayan Magic Wildfire is a mid-volatile slot with a hit frequency of its features. As long as you land Wilds, you will be golden! Remember that this game pays both ways...

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May 2019

02 May
2nd May 2019

Tombstone, the land of the quickest gunslingers in the entire Wild West.

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March 2019

27 Mar
27th March 2019

This video slot takes you back to basics. A non-complex 3x3 reel area, with Multiplying Wilds and a Starstruck Hot Zone for some dazzling bonus wins. Cheap, fast, simple and yet loads of fun with this classic approach.

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February 2019

27 Feb
27th February 2019

Granted with the gifts of nobility, strength and wisdom, our beloved Owl warriors defend the forgotten ancient forests. Destined to bring stability to their Kingdom, their combined bravery and wit is needed to keep peace and order.

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January 2019

30 Jan
30th January 2019

Enter the world of Fruits. This lush and straightforward video slot with a nonordinary reel setup invites you to game truly designed to fit portrait mode on mobile. Clean and simple features like Mystery Wrappers, Sticky Fruit Spins and Lightning Rounds keeps this game fresh from the first round to end of time, a slot with true classic ingredients.

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November 2018

Ice Ice Yeti
15 Nov
15th November 2018

Warm welcome into the freezing wilderness, where the Yeti and the little rascals live. It’s a video slot suited perfectly for mobile portrait mode with the 5x7 reel area, with up to 16 807 win ways. The withdrawn Yeti Wild will open up the reels in an explosive feature that breaks open the game area over and over again in an exciting respin feature.

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September 2018

Dungeon Quest
27 Sep
27th September 2018

Enter a magical world and join our four heroes on their quest for riches! Four brave souls seek the legendary treasures of Khordor, hidden in the depths of Mount Behadh. Our heroes quest takes them straight down into the dungeon leading to the heart of the mountain.

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July 2018

Hot Nudge
26 Jul
26th July 2018

Hot Nudge invites to a diesel punk world centered around a retro-futuristic machine featuring the royalties of a post-modern world. An epic machine with multiplier Wilds that ensures those heart raising wins!

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June 2018

Coins of Fortune
28 Jun
28th June 2018

Coins of Fortune is inspired by am mesmerizing south-east asian city and its old traditional heritage, all mixed into a mysterious melting pot of mythical creatures and neon lights.

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March 2018

Tesla Jolt
21 Mar
21st March 2018

Tesla Jolt Nolimit city brings you another electrifying video slot, now with an electric theme inspired by the inventions of Nikola Tesla.

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January 2018

Casino Win Spin
31 Jan
31st January 2018

Casino Win Spin is a slot inspired by oldschool retro jukeboxes along with classic casino symbols like Fruits and 7’s. Its a high paced slot with explosive features that will blind you!

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November 2017

Kitchen Drama: Bbq Frenzy
29 Nov
29th November 2017

BBQ Frenzy is the second video slot in the Kitchen Drama series. It’s a slot series inspired by the fine art of cooking and BBQ Frenzy resides in the American BBQ world with this fun and explosive slot!

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October 2017

21 Oct
21st October 2017

WiXX Wixx is a fast-paced 7 regular symbols, 4x3 slot with the theme of lush crystals. The game is a betways machine, where 4-hit wins on the the big crystal symbols awards a booster respin where the winning symbols transforms into a boosted version of the symbol.

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April 2017

Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania
12 Apr
12th April 2017

Sushi Mania is the first video slot in the Kitchen Drama series. It’s a slot series inspired by the fine art of cooking and Sushi Mania resides in Japanese cuisine with this playful and tasteful slot!

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November 2016

14 Nov
14th November 2016

Oktoberfest! Happy germans, tasty beer, amazing sausages and catchy oompah-oompah tunes in this feature packed 5x3 video slot with 20 fixed betlines.

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