Working at Nolimit

    Nolimit is always looking for good people, by which we mean highly skilled individuals who are extremely good team-players.

    We are aware that this is a rare combination, but when you work at Nolimit you’ll know that you are one of those people, and that you possess truly coveted skills. You’ll also know that you are surrounded by a group of really smart colleagues who share the same criteria, and who also have a solid grasp of the situation at hand.

    Are you interested? If so, please send an email with your CV, portfolio and resume to hr@nolimitcity.com


    Nolimit consists of a team of experienced professionals from the gambling industry, located in Gzira, Malta and development in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Our company has its roots in more than 10 years of hands-on work at some of the most successful gambling software providers and operators. Our mission is to take gambling software to the next level by offering a fast, reliable and flexible team that cooperates with a set of solid operators.

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    Our main goal is to make sure that our staff is happy when they are at work!

    The Nolimit family consists of a group of solid gambling software professionals. This professionality is apparent in everything we do and we always deliver quality on time—every time. Everyone at Nolimit is great in their respective area, and we truly understand the importance of teamwork.

    When you work at Nolimit, you will be surrounded by competent people who get the job done by using their skills and their common sense in a team environment. Our work atmosphere is relaxed but still demanding, and we allow everyone a high degree of freedom and flexibility.



    Designed to be fast and flexible

    Nolimit has a solid and complete gambling platform that has been developed over many years. We now have the tools we need and a sense of freedom that has been missing when we’ve worked with other platforms – both on the providers and as operators.

    As a team of well-versed developers, we are excited to finally offer flexible solutions and naturally extend our base to quickly adopt and create new trends and technologies. For us, the operator is the boss.

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    Very simple, very fast and very easy to customize!

    There are two parts of the Nolimit integration; the server side API for transactions and the JavaScript bundle used for the game loader and for monitoring events.

    The JavaScript bundle (nolimit.js) Nolimit.js is a piece a JavaScript code which is maintained and supported by Nolimit. It provides a powerful yet simple way to load games, while still being flexible enough for the operator to use it. The game loader is designed to give the operator almost complete control.

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    Back Office

    How would you like your back office to work? We know and embrace the fact that each operator is different.

    Nolimit offers three different versions of our back office in order to give our operators freedom of choice. Of course, they all contain everything you need as an operator, and if you require anything else we’ll happily build it for you...

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    Nolimit will implement any good promotional ideas coming from its operators

    Every operator is diffrent, and some have their own advanced promotion systems with high demands for specific types of data. In these cases, Nolimit can provide synchronous real time data via a client-side JavaScript or server-side custom services.

    Operators without their own promotion system can simply use all the promotion functionality implemented on Nolimit's side, which is reachable from the Nolimit back office or via specific services.

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    We're proud to work with the following world leading casino operators!


    We're proud to work with the following world leading affiliates!


    Nolimit City Ltd
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    Nolimit City Stockholm AB
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    111 40 Stockholm

    Send any questions to info@nolimitcity.com