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OLD BUT GOLD #1: Tombstone


**Welcome to our new series, Old but Gold, where we will be shining a light onto some of our older gems that may have been long forgotten. Our first entry is a classic, near and dear to a lot of the grandpas here at Nolimit City. Where else to start, other than the O.G Tombstone? **

Tombstone transports you onto the porch of a typical western saloon with a spaghetti western-inspired instrumental playing in the background. The reels are filled with A to J royals along with guns, horseshoes, bags of money, gold bars, and dynamite symbols. Typical Wild West stuff. That’s cool and all, but it’s the story behind the slot which makes Tombstone such a classic.

This was the first game that Nolimit dared to venture into the high volatility side. Back then, we were still a small company that no one really thought about. Tombstone was the first Nolimit City title that shook the world of online slots, and its huge success pushed us to evolve into the Nolimit City we are today: Daring, ambitious, and most of all, volatile!


Per Lindheimer: *"Tombstone is my all-time favorite production. We were so psyched to get going! We started straight off another project - literally, the day after we finished Hot Nudge - as we had [Tombstone’s] math previously but chickened out as it was so volatile. Hot Nudge and Tombstone’s FS are actually siblings!" * Waillon Le (Wai): *“Tombstone was the second game with our trademarked feature xNudge® but it was THE game we said ‘fuck it - let's do it right!’, and made it as volatile as we originally intended xNudge® to be. * In Hot Nudge, we took down the volatility by having a lines game rather than a sticky multiplier in the FS. It did hurt a little in the soul. I still have the old original Hot Nudge prototype somewhere.

*This game had a lot of firsts - the main one being that it was the first game to introduce a super FS mode, Bounty Spins, which had sticky wilds giving it the win potential it’s known for! * At the time, the headaches were “is it too rough a game? Do we dare? Will players understand the potential? “ in our personal opinion, it was pretty fun when it picked up, so we went for it! We explored the theme and had a lot of fun creating it. So it does have a lot of depth and references that maybe not everyone noticed.“


• Tombstone was the first game to have Easter eggs - the gunshots! • The first game with big win-level names with some theme references. “The Good, the Bad, the Ugly” references the old western movie. • The first game to have a 'bad beat' outro screen when winning nothing in the feature. "No Justice in Tombstone" appears in Justice respins and Dead Man's Hand, and "Bad Luck" appears in the normal freespin.


Tombstone is an outstanding slot from Nolimit City. The design is excellent, as is the gameplay which offers all-around thrilling action in the base game as well as in the bonus features.

If you're a fan of Tombstone we suggest you try the extremely volatile Tombstone R.I.P, the ‘sequel’ which honours its predecessor with a whopping 300,000x max win.


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