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Nolimit City’s Wild West Universe - 5 years on!

It’s been a whopping 5 years between the release of the original Tombstone and the upcoming Deadwood RIP. It’s been an incredible journey through the Wild West, so dive into the story about some of our most popular games!

Tombstone (May 2019)

This is where it all started. A Gritty Wild Western theme that introduced xNudge Wilds along with massive multipliers. Tombstone is baked into Nolimit’s DNA and has become one of those true classics in our extensive library.

Deadwood xNudge® (May 2020)

Following the success of Tombstone we decided to turn it up a notch. Deadwood is one of the first games to truly take full advantage of Super Bonus Buys - and it worked impeccably.

El Paso Gunfight xNudge® (May 2021)

You just couldn’t get enough, so we presented you with the best Gunslinger in the ol’ Wild West - Dallas Stoudenmire. We had Tombstone and Deadwood, but another gun slinging town was right round the corner - El Paso.

Tombstone RIP (January 2022)

We just had to revisit Tombstone, this time we went all out. With a whopping 300,000x max win and the introduction of xRIP, it was an instant hit.

Bounty Hunters (July 2023)

The infamous gunslingers were back once again, in their ruthless pursuit of anything or anyone with a price on their heads.

Tombstone No Mercy (April 2024)

Flash forward to this year we decided to keep the same format as Tombstone but not without a little spice by adding bonus buys into the mix.

Deadwood RIP (June 2024)

Now onto our latest and greatest, DEADWOOD RIP.

With a 100,000x max win - it ain’t about bounties – it’s about sendin’ those varmints to a permanent dirt nap!


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