4 months ago

xGod™ and GOD MODE - The Ultimate Bonus Buy

Pushing limits. It’s what we do!

We at Nolimit have consistently pushed the boundaries of what a slot game could be - Ever since we went all in with Bonus Buys in Punk Rocker back in ‘20, the entire industry hasn’t been the same.

Although some have shied away from implementing bonus buys, the fact remains that they’re a super popular feature and have allowed us to expand the possibilities of what we could fit into a slot game. Without Bonus Buys, colossal slots such as Mental, San Quentin and Tombstone RIP wouldn’t even have been a possibility in the first place - let alone exist.

In this industry, things move fast - and we’re dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of slot game innovations, even if it’s going all out on what some would consider too extreme. Whether it’d be a “Kenneth-themed” Banger, or experimenting with extremely volatile games, we’re not afraid to go that extra step. This kind of attitude has given space for new bonkers mechanics such as our latest and greatest xMechanic, xGod™, to come about!


Ever wanted to play slots with hacks or feel like you can grab a shortcut to the max win? Haven’t we all! xGod™ is here and it’s taken over - The most potent feature in the Nolimit City xMechanic portfolio to date.

xGod™ was officially introduced in the game Nine to Five, released in November 2023, although it’s an evolution on the idea first played with in Disturbed, where activating four tombstones along with Dr. Death would summon the Angel of Death, along with the whopping max win of 54,391x of the base bet. Quite a rare sight, but it was possible!

By Definition, xGod™ is a powerful single feature capable of instantly delivering the maximum win - without the assistance of any other features or wins in the game. xGod™ may trigger during any spin, including the base game or have the chance to be activated through a risky bonus buy.

This powerful feature has brought some jaw-dropping wins - such as the 2nd highest monetary win EVER with Land of the Free’s ‘Idiot Spins’ Bonus Buy;

And not to mention, Nine to Five Smashing our records with a whopping 1,254 Max Wins in the first 24 hours of it being live!

What's Next?!

Whether you love it or hate it - there’s no doubt that xGod™ and God Mode have given a good ol’ Nolimit City-style Shock to the world of slots - as was much needed.

You may be asking yourself - is there any way we could make such a volatile mechanic as xGod™ even more volatile? We’re not called “Nolimit” for nothing, after all…

Our upcoming game, BRICK SNAKE 2000 features God Mode, but also the brand new “God Mode Deluxe!“. If you " ‘Nita Max Wynn ", you can flat out purchase one - and then have a 50/50 chance whether to double that Max win, or lose it all! Talk about gambling. I’m personally waiting for God Mode Deluxe Pro Max Ultra.


It’s ultra volatile, it’s crazy and if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s not for everyone - but hey, at the end of the day, it’s a completely optional feature. Who knows. In five years, this might seem like Bonus Bunnies

Always remember only to gamble what you can afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly!


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