10 months ago

Bigger… Better! Let's Talk About xSize™

**Experience the sheer chaos that unfolded during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor in the aptly named slot, Pearl Harbor - by Nolimit City.

Take to the skies, unleashing a whirlwind of bombs, precision strikes, and kamikaze manoeuvres as you strive for the pinnacle of victory in this heart-pounding cluster game.**


Pearl Harbor marks Nolimit's second entry into cluster slots, following the release of The Border in September. Staying true to our innovative approach, we're introducing a brand-new twist to the classic cluster mechanics with our latest xMechanic: xSize™.

Here's a breakdown of how it works

The core game area features a dynamic 'xSize™' grid of 7x7, initially with the central 3x3 section active and the rest temporarily blocked. However, this won't be the case for long...

With xSize™, specific symbols and features can expand the active area significantly, vastly amplifying the potential for a win, especially when synergized with other elements like xSplit®. These notable symbols include:

• xBomb® Wild Explosions • Target Symbols • Colossal Symbols

Ready to take to the skies?

Play Pearl Harbor now!


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