Pearl Harbor
TORA TORA TORA!!!!! Over 80 years ago, the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor permanently changed the course of history. The absolute chaos which ensued is reflected in this slot as you take to the skies and bomb, slice, and kamikaze your way to ultimate victory in this adrenaline rush of a cluster game. Wreaking havoc is the only way. There's NO holding back.


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Hit Frequency

1 in 150m

Max Win Probability

41 127 x bet

Max payout

1 in 229

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Feature buy-in


Bonus mode


Min/Max bet


With a focus on the Japanese side of the conflict, Pearl Harbor borrows more from the Axis side of things than the Allied one, and players might need a dash of Kamikaze spirit going into the game. Nolimit City slots generally aren't for the faint-hearted, and Pearl Harbor can count itself as another one of these. As the game sheet warns – 'Wreaking havoc is the only way. There's NO holding back.' That ethos seemed to rule in Pearl Harbor, which was pretty much as ruthless as anything else Nolimit City has created. A sense of all or nothing often pervades the studio's games, and this feeling certainly was experienced during our test sessions. Cluster-paying grid slots often have a poppin', cascadin', firin' off a sequence of seemingly unstoppable consecutive wins effect. Cluster Tumble from Relax Gaming is a classic example of this. Pearl Harbor could be the opposite. At times it was difficult to get it off the ground, like a Kamikaze pilot who had a last-minute change of heart. While unique, the base game had a vague cross between The Border and Misery Mining thing going on. It rolls, expands, contracts, explodes and slices. Perhaps bed in for a siege rather than a quick hit-and-run attack. Colossal symbols are interesting, and it's worth reiterating that they initially count as one symbol because they might be a tease when they first start landing on the board. Slice them up, though, which didn't happen a whole lot, and they can quickly become more valuable, though. Better value wins were produced during the two bonus rounds, which like Das xBoot merged gameplay right into the theme. The two rounds might have sounded complicated on paper, but the general gist is adding up + multipliers and applying x-multipliers to them. What makes them more interesting are the numerous extra bits, such as the dogfights and bombing runs when you're lucky. In that regard, Pearl Harbor is like nothing else out there, and it is worth seeing Nolimit City take the hold 'n win concept in a new direction. Two of the primary objectives are filling enough dials to get a run at the Bomb Drop or Kamikaze Attack. Then a substantial prize can be up for grabs. It can exasperate, too, since bombing attacks or fights have to be successful to pocket the win. Fail, and it becomes smoke in the wind. Get it right, however, and Pearl Harbor possesses a max win figure of 41,127x the bet, leading to the Mission Accomplished! sequence if achieved. It's unlikely to be easygoing; is it ever in a Nolimit City slot? But, like a lot of what they do, Pearl Harbor is another unique experience, which blends gambling with general gaming concepts, with a sprinkle of history on top. Naturally, Pearl Harbor won't be everyone's cup of tea, yet once again, the studio beats to the sound of its own drum and has crafted an experience you won't find anywhere else.
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Sometimes wreaking havoc is the only way, and Nolimit City’s 2nd cluster game (after The Border slot) is sure to be a hit. It debuts the xSize feature that expands win possibilities, which I found to be a great addition. Throw in Colossal symbols, xSplit, xBet, xBomb multipliers and a ton of other features and you have a fantastic slot. Hats off to you, Nolimit City, you’ve done it again.
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Something that takes adrenaline-filled gaming experiences to new levels is when you activate the bonus game. There, a high-intensity hunt for big wins will begin, where the player will try to fill up as many dials as possible with + and X multipliers. These get a further boost within the Tora! Tora! Tora! where the prizes can stack up very quickly. It's a captivating pursuit created here and if you were a fan of their previous Das xBoot then this will be a great sequel to take part in.
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We've seen Nolimit City tackle controversial and even borderline depressing themes victoriously, and it's not different in the case of Pearl Harbor. The audiovisual setting is exceptional, perfectly delivering the atmosphere of uneasiness and uncertainty about the result of the upcoming events. The main game mechanics are highly volatile, and it's sometimes challenging to get out of the initial small 3x3 grid. However, with the help of several extra symbols and the increased possibilities for wins that their offer, it doesn't feel that gruesome. It's interesting to see the classic cash respin bonus game model in a completely different setting. Essentially it's the same as spinning the money symbols on the reels, but having the entire action put inside a fighter plane and transferred to the machine's instruments provides so much more connection with the theme. Extra rewards for completing columns and rows are also an exciting touch that completes the bonuses and maximizes their win potential. Bombs away then, and let's hunt those big targets!
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xBomb® Wild Multiplier
Top 10 Winners

Game Features


In the main game, the Scatter symbol can land on any reel but only counts if it is in the active reel area.\nIf a Scatter symbol gets split and a bonus mode is triggered, the multiplier value of the Scatter symbols will become an ( X ) Multiplier in the first bonus multiplier addition.\nScatter symbols can only land 1 per reel.

xBet® Banzai!

At a cost of an extra +50% on the base bet, the player is guaranteed one Scatter symbol in the middle of the active area, increasing the chances of entering Dog Fight bonus by over 3 times.\nAt a cost of an extra +100% on the base bet, the player is guaranteed two Scatter symbols landing on the initial drop. This increases the chances of entering Tora! Tora! Tora! Bonus by over 10 times.\nThe payout for each symbol is not affected, meaning all winnings are based on the base bet value.

xBomb® Wild Multiplier

xBomb® Wild blows away a maximum of 10 symbols surrounding it in the active area. xBombs will only blow up inside the active area.\nIf an xBomb® is adjacent to the active areas border, it will move the active area by 1 reel or row. If the xBomb® is in the corner of the active area, it will expand the active area 1 reel and 1 row.\nIf the xBomb® gets split, it will get a x2 multiplier for the next avalanche with +1 or the ( X ) multiplier amount it has been split into. Exploding xBombs will increase the win multiplier for the next avalanche with +1 or the ( X ) multiplier amount it has been split into. All xBombs will explode before the next avalanche.\nScatters and transformed Wilds that are not part of a win Cluster will not be blown away.


Target Symbols can land anywhere on the reels.\nWhen a Target symbol lands, the active reel area will expand to make the Target symbol be part of the rectangle active reel area.\nWhen a Target symbol has landed and becomes part of the active reel area it transforms into a Wild symbol.


xSplit symbol comes in the shape of a samurai sword and splits all symbols in the direction of the swords handle.\nxSplit symbols have initially either one or two swords that can point both horizontally and vertically, but only one direction per sword.\nSplit symbols only activate when inside the active reel area and once the avalanche has stopped.\nIf an xSplit gets split by another xSplit symbol, it will get an additional sword pointing in a new direction. If an xSplit symbol already has 4 swords, a new split will add a x2 multiplier.\nIf an xSplit symbol has a multiplier when activate all symbols it splits get the xSplit's multiplier or multiplies its current multiplier with the xSplit's multiplier.\nScatter symbols, target symbols and xBombs get a x2 multiplier when hit by an xSplit.\nConsecutive xSplits on multiplier symbols double the multiplier value.\nAfter the splitting, the xSplit symbol becomes a Wild symbol.\nThe Wild symbol gets a multiplier depending on how many swords it has and possible multiplier will multiply the sword multiplier value.

Colossal Symbol

When a Colossal symbol drops in, the active reel area will expand its rectangular area so that the Colossal symbol becomes a part of the active reel area.\nColossal symbols come in the size of 2x2 and 3x3 and can have a multiplier of x2 or x3 and is initially counted as 1 symbol in a possible Cluster.\nIf a 3x3 symbol is split, it first splits into 3 symbols either vertically or horizontally depending on where the split comes from.\nSecond xSplit will split the Colossal symbol in the other direction to a 3x3 symbol regardless of xSplit direction.\nThird xSplit will split all 9 symbols in half to a total of 18 symbols.\nFourth xSplit will either give x2 multipliers to each symbol from the initial Colossal symbol or multiply each individual multiplier by 2. For 2x2 Colossal symbols, the same principals are applied.

Bonus mode: Dogfight

3 Scatter symbols trigger the Dogfight Feature. Dogfight feature starts with 3 spins and plays inside of a fighter plane cockpit with an instrument panel of 18 dials.\nThe instrument dials all start spinning and can either land an ( X ) multiplier , ( + ) multiplier or nothing. Any multiplier that lands will reset the spin count to 3.\nWhen multipliers land they are active until they have added their values to the round multiplier.\nAll active ( + ) multipliers are first summed up then they multiply all ( X ) multipliers before they add that amount to the round multiplier. The\nactive ( X ) multipliers remain active until a ( + ) multiplier lands.\nIf a bonus round ends with active ( X ) multipliers they turn into ( + ) multipliers and sum up their value and adds that to the round multiplier and ends the bonus round.\nDOGFIGHT ATTACK\n- Fill up a column of dials.\n- A Dogfight attack is initiated.\n- All multipliers in the column become active.\n- If the enemy plane is hit, the active multipliers are summed up in the same way as a normal bonus spin.\n- If there are only ( X ) multipliers in the column, they are multiplied together from top to bottom, and finally by 1 to get the sum to be added to the round multiplier.\n- If the enemy plane is missed, nothing is added and the next spin is initiated.\n- If the spin initiating the Dogfight only had ( X ) multipliers, those ( X ) multipliers remain active for the next spin.\n- Multiple Dogfights are done in sequence from left to right.\nKAMIKAZE ATTACK\n- If all 18 instrument dials have been filled, a Kamikaze Attack will launch after Dogfights are done.\n- A multiplier wheel with 10 possible multipliers, including misses, will spin as the aircraft approaches a target ship.\n- If the ship gets hit, the multiplier from the wheel will multiply with the total round multiplier from the bonus round.

Bonus mode: TORA! TORA! TORA!

4 Scatter symbols trigger the Tora! TORA! TORA! Feature. The feature starts with 3 spins and plays inside of a fighter plane cockpit with an instrument panel of 18 different dials.\nGameplay and features from Dogfight are the same, but with the additions of Midway Pop and Bomb Drop.\nMIDWAY POP\n- Midway Pop is activated when a Multiplier lands on a dial in the mid row.\n- The amount value pops up to the top row in the current column.\n- If no value exists there from before, it will randomly get a ( + ) multiplier or an ( X ) multiplier independently of mid\nrow multiplier type.\n- If a value already exists on the top row, the mid row amount is added tot he existing value and multiplier type remains.\nBOMB DROP\n- Bomb Drop is activated when a full row of instrument dials is filled.\n- A bomb hatch opens up , a ship gets locked in, and a bomb is dropped.\n- IF the ship gets hit, all ( + ) multipliers of that row get added together and is multiplied with all the ( X ) multipliers of that row.\n- If the ship is missed, nothing is added and the next spin is initiated.\n- If the spin initiating the Bomb Drop only had ( X ) Multipliers, those ( X ) Multipliers remain active.\n- Multiple Bomb drops are done in sequence from top to bottom. Possible Dogfights are done before Bomb Drops initiate.

Mission Accomplished!

The max payout of the game is 41,127 times the base bet.\nWhen the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and 41,127 times the base bet is awarded.

Nolimit Bonus - Feature Buy functionality

Nolimit Bonus - allows the players to buy directly into\n the Freespin. Choose to buy Buffalo Horde and Prairie Multipliers or the more expensive Stampede Super Bonus.

* The Nolimit Bonus feature and gamble into bonus may however be removed in some regulated markets.