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Follow us down the xHole™….Our NEW xMechanic

We have No Limits. xHole™ is no exception!

If you’ve been following us through the years, you must have realised that we love features that don’t abide by industry norms. I mean why would we?

Just look at xGod™, which has become a cornerstone feature in our latest slots such as Nine To Five, Land of the Free and BRICK SNAKE 2000.

And we’re not done here. Our can’t stop won’t stop mentality has brought us to our next panty-dropping feature, xHole™!


xHole™ is the Answer!

As the name suggests it’s a feature inspired by the beauty of human anatomy. What did you expect? Debuting in the release of Kenneth Must Die, xHole™ is going to blow you away…quite literally.

xHole™ can be triggered during any spin; during the base game or any of the 3 naughtiest bonuses you can think of; Beefy Spins, Beefier Spins and Beefiest Spins.


When an xHole™ symbol lands on the centre of the reels, symbols are sucked in, then spat out as split symbols ranging from 2 to 8 - It’s like an extreme version of xWays®.

Any winning combinations are kept and then multiplied - whereas any non-winning symbols are randomly shuffled and spat back out, having the possibility of adding onto any existing wins or creating a new winning line!


After the splitting of the symbols, xHole™ then converts into a Wild symbol which is quite powerful if you ask us.


Okay now let’s go even deeper! If any of the sucked-in symbols are the Gimp or Gimpier then they will receive a juicy multiplier applied to them (xHole™ will not suck any sticky Wild and sticky xNudge® Wild in bonus game modes. It will also not suck Gimp symbols when exactly 3 Gimps are present on the reels.)


During Kenneth Must Die’s Beefiest Spins - xHole appears and activates on every single spin - making for some massive win potential.

We cannot wait to see what the response to xHole™ is. Its boldness and glory is something that is once again pushing the boundaries of slots, showing the true Nolimit colours within this heavily saturated industry.

xHole™ will be released next Tuesday 7th May as the standout feature in Kenneth Must Die.

Always remember only to gamble what you can afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly!


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