9 months ago

xBizarre™ : A Serial Killer's Journey to the Max Win

Serial's xBizarre™, the innovative xMechanic that debuted with the crazy 2022 release Serial, has become a topic of much discussion- hype.. and even confusion.

It introduces an additional level of suspense, enhancing the thrill following an already massive win.

xBizarre™ triggers when the player’s total win reaches 18,700 times the base bet. Players are then thrown into a brutal first-person view of the Bodycam Butcher, with a 50/50 choice to make.


The goal is to kill.

Among the two options presented, only one conceals the Butcher's next victim. Each correct choice not only adds an impressive 18,700x to your winnings but also propels you to the next stage. It's worth noting that an incorrect selection won't deduct any previous winnings –** xBizarre™ is not a gamble.**


There are three stages and three choices - each one offering the juicy possibility of bagging an extra 18,700x to your win, with the maximum potential to win a whopping 74,800x the base bet.

Ready to face the Bodycam Butcher himself?

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