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The Dark Secrets of Beheaded EXPOSED!

Beheaded has many features that happen very quickly, enough to make you lose your head but don’t worry, we're here to explain what’ll be going down.

The Progress Bar from Blood and Shadow returns, and is the key to unlocking the dark secrets of the Tzantza Warrior. Fallen heads from the reels fill up the bar. Wild symbols count as 3 points, High Symbols count as 2 points and Medium Symbols count as 1 point on the progress bar. There are 5 levels of progression, now listen close cause this is where it gets spicy.

Level 1 - Unlocks the Happy Soul Wild

Gameplay Souls are collected from every High Paying Symbol dropped into the pot based on the level of progression. Each time a soul is collected, it fills up the meter of the Happy Soul Wild. As soon as 4 souls are collected the meter is full, 1 random symbol on the reels becomes a Wild Symbol and a 1x multiplier is added to the subsequent win.


Level 3 - Unlocks the Sad Soul Wild


Ayahuasca Spins are triggered on Level 3. The Sad Soul Wild meter is filled with 10 souls, a 2x2 symbol wild will appear on the reels and a 2x multiplier is added to the subsequent win.


Level 5 - Unlocks the Tzantza Spins and the Angry Soul Wild


During Tzantza Spins, all the low paying symbols are replaced by high paying symbols. The Angry Soul Wild requires 18 souls to be activated. A 3x3 Wild will appear on the reels and 3x multiplier will be added to the subsequent win. Alternatively, you can land 3 Soul Jars in order to progress to Tzantza Spins.


Did you lose your head yet? Well there is one last thing that you should know. At the end of Tzantza Spins, you will be faced with a decision that could seal your fate. You have a choice between the Blue Potion and the Red Potion.

Blue Potion - Adds 5x - 8000x of the base bet to any winnings

Red Potion - Max Win or Lose it All

Gameplay Which one would you choose?

Beheaded will be released next Tuesday!


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