7 months ago

Check out the NEW Nolimit Feature: Action Spins!

‘Action Spins’ is a new optional feature that ushers in an innovative way to play a high volume of rounds of the Base Game or Multiple Bonus rounds in a rapid and exhilarating way!

See it in action!

Why Action Spin?

Action Spinning is the perfect ultra-rapid way to get through many base game rounds or bonuses. For those who prefer hunting bonuses from the base game, this might just be your new favourite feature!

In addition, if you ever felt like playing a thousand Spins of GOD MODE, we’ve now saved you a hell of a lot of clicks!

Where can I try Action Spins?


Action Spins is now live on selected casinos! You can also try it using your NLC Coins right here on! Here’s a list of games that currently support Action Spins;

Nine to FiveThe CryptJingle BallsUgliest CatchRoad RageFolsom Prison

Blood and ShadowEl PasoDead CanaryMentalFire in the Hole

San QuentinTombstone RIPDas xBoot xWays Hoarder xSplit®

DeadwoodEast Coast vs West Coast Every New Slot as of December 2023.


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