3 months ago


Nolimit City delivers a blast from the past with BRICK SNAKE 2000, a high-voltage volatile slot inspired by the iconic mobile game. While the provider is no stranger to unconventional themes, BRICK SNAKE 2000 isn't just about slick visuals – it's packed with innovative mechanics that Nolimit fans know, love, and have come to expect.

The slot takes place on a familiar and famously indestructible mobile phone. The base game keeps things simple with xWays® and Wild Sneks for some base potential, with xBet®, ramping up the player’s chances of triggering the thrilling bonus rounds - Snek Spins and Super Snek Spins.

The bonus modes are where this game goes into overdrive. The tempo flares up and is filled with Sneks slithering around the screen collecting coins, multipliers and even collectors which multiply the final win. A Snek’s every move could be amazing or detrimental (if they happen to die) to the final win - keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Nolimit's legendary and most recent xMechanic xGOD™ makes a comeback in this game - and they’ve taken it up a notch. xGod™ can activate during the base game by landing the “Max” and “Win” coins on the same row - or during the bonus, where a Snek can simply devour a max win coin - Either way,** instantly delivering a max win.**

Hitting any max win, whether ‘traditionally’ or through xGOD™, triggers the** Double or Nothing** feature and offers players a daunting 50/50 choice to double that max win, or lose it all. True to Nolimit City's signature volatility, players have the option to unleash volatile chaos with the GOD MODE Bonus buy - similar to the bonus buy found in Nine to Five and the more recent Land of the Free - a pricey buy for a huge chance of hitting the max win. But that’s not all!


Brick Snake 2000 introduces the brand new “GOD MODE Deluxe!“. If players would like a max win - they can flat-out purchase one and then have a 50/50 chance whether to double that Max win, or lose it all! With an ‘Extremely Volatile’ rating and a maximum win potential of 16,220x the bet - glued together with a slew of new ways to play, BRICK SNAKE 2000 is set to take the world of slots by storm.

Per Lindheimer, Head of Product at Nolimit City, said:

“While some may see BRICK SNAKE 2000 as an indestructible blast from the past - its mechanics are completely fresh. GOD MODE makes a return, and if you thought that was a little too volatile, just wait till you try GOD MODE DELUXE!“


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