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Blood and Shadow: Deeper and Darker

Blood and Shadow: Deeper and Darker

Step into a realm where appearances deceive and secrets lie in wait.

This bone-chilling adventure that is Blood and Shadow plays on a 4-row, 5-reel platform. Yet, this time, we've added a unique twist - behold the Ritual Bar positioned at the base of the reels.

What the hell (literally) does this do?


Winning combinations will be destroyed, allowing new symbols to fall in - However, winning with Medium or High Paying symbols or landing heart scatters also fills the ritual bar.

• Medium Paying symbols award +1 Point per winning symbol. • High Paying symbols award +2 Points per winning symbol. • Heart Scatters award +10 Points per Scatter symbol.


Within the Ritual Bar, there are five distinct levels. Advancing to a higher level not only grants an additional +2 spins but also elevates the medium-paying symbols to high-paying status, setting the stage for potentially thrilling wins!

Upon reaching the fifth and ultimate level, the Ritual Bar shatters, bestowing +6 Cursed Spins. This mode introduces a frenetic pace, adding an extra row and exclusively featuring high-paying symbols. And that's not all; Cursed Spins also introduce xSplit® and Sticky Wilds, which remain on the reels until they contribute to a winning combination.


Cursed Spins has all the ingredients needed to land that sweet max win of Blood & Shadow, a demonic 6,666x the base bet!

Keen to dive headfirst into the darkness?

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