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Beheaded - NOW LIVE­­!

Forget the dusty saloons of Deadwood R.I.P, the TV dreams of Loner and the spicy dungeons of Kenneth Must Die. This time, you'll find yourself stranded on a lush island paradise, but paradise takes a dark turn when you discover a Tiki collector with a taste for shrunken heads!

Hunted with no food or water, players must face the base game, which features a Progression Bar, where each fallen head is collected. Filling it up will unlock Soul Wilds that progressively increase in size and power. Wild Symbols add 3 points, High Paying Symbols add 2 points and Medium Paying Symbols add 1 point to the bar. The Ayahuasca Spins feature throws players a lifeline. Each time a new level is reached on the Progression Bar, 2 Free Spins are rewarded.


Heads up there are 5 levels to be reached. As you fill the Progression Bar, you'll unlock a trio of fearsome Soul Wilds. Each Soul Wild brings a different-sized Wild Symbol to the reels and a multiplier boost. Reach the top level of the Progression Bar or collect enough Soul Jars to trigger Tzantza Spins. In these Free Spins, 10 Spins are awarded and all Medium Paying symbols are replaced with High Paying Symbols.


After Tzantza Spins have ended (without a Max Win) you are faced with a decision; The Butterfly Potion or the Skull Potion. The Butterfly potion guarantees a win ranging from 5x - 8000x the base bet which is added to the winnings. The Skull Potion on the other hand gives the option of winning the Max Win or losing it all. The higher the accumulated win amount, the larger the chance to grab the max win. Just remember, the Skull Potion is a true all-or-nothing decision.


xBet™ makes the chase more interesting by tripling the chances of triggering Tzantza Spins. If the Max Win is reached, the ‘Headfull Collection’ is complete, with a maximum payout of 15,950x the base bet. Beheaded is a thrilling slot - and it’s "Extremely Volatile" rating primes it to become a staple in Nolimit City’s catalogue.

Per Lindheimer, Head of Product at Nolimit City, said:

“Beheaded is a wild ride with tons of features, but it keeps you glued to the screen. The ever-growing Progression Bar filling with fallen heads creates a chilling tension, while the Soul Wilds themselves are a twisted blessing. While the Pick-a-Potion feature injects a dose of Nolimit City signature high-risk, high-reward thrills. So…Where’s your head at?“

Beheaded’ will be available to all Nolimit City partners on June 18th, 2024.


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