5 months ago

15 More Games Now Have Action Spins!

Our latest Nolimit Feature ‘Action Spins’ has taken over our slot games recently and has been a massive hit amongst players - even delivering a whopping NEW RECORD for the biggest monetary win in Tombstone RIP!

We’ve gone ahead and added the shiny new feature to another 15 games;

True KultBounty HuntersDisturbedThe BorderTrue Grit: RedemptionTombstone

Punk ToiletRoadkillBushido Ways xNudge®Space DonkeyInfectious 5 xWays®

Misery MiningWarrior Graveyard xNudge®Barbarian Fury


It’s great to also keep in mind that our latest games (and every new game moving forward) also have Action Spins! These include;

Nine to FiveThe CryptJingle BallsUgliest CatchRoad RageFolsom Prison

Blood and ShadowEl PasoDead CanaryMentalFire in the Hole

San QuentinTombstone RIPDas xBoot xWays Hoarder xSplit®

DeadwoodEast Coast vs West Coast Every New Slot as of December 2023.

Wait… What are Action Spins?

‘Action Spins’ is a new optional feature that ushers in an innovative way to play a high volume of rounds of the Base Game or Multiple Bonus rounds in a rapid and exhilarating way!

It’s a pretty neat way to get your adrenaline flowing and play your regular or bonus rounds in HYPER MODE! Check out the explainer article here, or try it out for yourself right here on using your NLC coins!


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