Space Donkey
A species-confused Monkey gets visited by the beyond - but our little friend won’t be getting probed so easily. Space Donkey decided to fight back with the deadliest arsenal available to Ape-Kind - annihilating hoards of aliens and collecting their sweet, sweet gold along the way. Classic!


Release Date





Hit Frequency

1 in 10m

Max Win Probability

14 649 x bet

Max payout

1 in 298

Free Spins




Feature buy-in


Bonus mode


Min/Max bet


Space Donkey is a wildly creative 8-bit bonanza that should send old-school gamers scrambling for their consoles.
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If you just read through the explanation of the various bonus games, we’re impressed. It’s a lot to take in, and we don’t blame you if you’d rather just explore the game on your own. Understanding every little mechanic of the game would take some serious research, but you really don’t need it. As you partake in the different features, you’ll start understanding what the main objective is, and it’s not as hard to follow as it might look at first. During our session on this game, our confusion on why this theme is not used more has only strengthened. We love graphically strong games (such as Money Train 4), but there’s definitely a place for games like this as well. A game with retro visuals is also not automatically a game with bad graphics. Space Donkey genuinely looks really good, and its bright colors are very eye-pleasing. NoLimit has done wonders when it comes to the animations and how the grid and landscape move, coming close to thematic perfection. If we were to mention one thing, except the scenery, that we love about this game, that would be the fact that it has two different bonus games. Many games nowadays have a “super bonus”, but it’s usually just a boosted version of the regular bonus. Here, it’s a completely different feature with other mechanics, which is a nice change of pace. Space Donkey by NoLimit City takes you on a retro adventure with two different bonus games and a whole lot of firepower.
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Space Donkey packs an unbelievable amount of exciting mechanics into the game, offering multi-layer gameplay in a quirky 8-bit setting boasting a unique backstory.
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For those who love retro video games, you may well fall in love with the Space Donkey slot. It resembles the Capcom classic video game 1942, which has a birdseye view of the action. The background is very similar too. It brings back memories of Thunderkick’s Flame Busters and Relax Gaming’s Hellcatraz, which is still a very popular slot to this day. They’ve since followed that up with Hellcatraz 2 Dream Drop, which was another one of the provider’s success stories. But the difference here is that the bonus features are almost like video games themselves. They’re fantastically unique. When you add into the mix the solid RTP rate of 96.07% and the max win potential of 14,649 x the bet, you’ve got a brilliant slot on your hands. If the max win potential was higher and maybe the bonus feature frequency was lower than 1 in 298 spins, this may well have received top marks from me. Nevertheless, it’s still a superb game that will no doubt be loved by many. The theme is a bit niche in that you’ve probably got to enjoy retro gaming to truly appreciate this one, but there’s so much to like here. While this might not be as fast-paced or as volatile as previous Nolimit City releases, I’m confident it’s going to be another smash hit from a provider who’s always using innovative ways to push the boundaries.
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Abduction Wild
Top 10 Winners

Game Features

Abduction Wild  image
Abduction Wild

Abduction Wild may appear in the main game on reels 2-6 only. When Wild takes part in a win, it will remain and enhance for the next drop. The Wild will move downwards and abduct all normal paying symbols and increase it’s multiplier by one for each removed symbol. The multiplier counts as number of symbols on that position.

Safe Word  image
Safe Word

The max payout of the game is 14,649 time the base bet. When the total win exceeds this amount the game round will end and 14,649 times the base bet is awarded.

Hellfire image

In the main game, Chopper symbols may appear on reels 2-5. 3 or more Chopper symbols trigger Hellfire feature. First Chopper symbol will fire in 1 direction, second will fire in 2 directions and so on. Chopper’s multiplier will be added to all Wild and normal paying symbols in that direction.

Hide N' Seek image
Hide N' Seek

Landing 3 Scatters will trigger Hide N’ Seek. Scatters will convert to Traps in a 6×6 grid area where edges of the area are connected to the opposing edges. Each turn would display two values: ‘Direction’ and ‘Steps’, making the Monkey move around collecting the chest values. Monkey will stop walking further once it’s life is taken. Monkey will start with 3 lives. Monkey and Alien will lose a life when they encounter each other or walk into a trap. Trap would be removed when Monkey walks into it unlike Alien. When Monkey walks over a position, it will trigger/collect whatever ability the symbol holds. Removed symbols will trigger a drop on the reel allowing new symbols to drop in. Trap symbols do not drop. Below symbols are available in this mode: • Traps: takes a life of the Monkey and disappears. • Grey Chest: awards an extra life, multiplier value, an upgrade to Seek N’ Destroy or nothing. • Golden Chest: awards multiplier value. • Teleport: revealed from a Grey Chest and triggers Seek N’ Destroy immediately. • Alien: takes a life of the Monkey. • Magician: awards the total sum of all visual Golden Chests. • King: multiplies the values on the Golden Chests with a random multiplier (from 2-10). • Princess: collects value from adjacent Grey and Golden chests from all directions and kills adjacent Alien. • Stone Monster: affects these 3 symbols on random positions-Golden Chest multiplier gets doubled up, Grey Chest opens up and Alien gets killed. Alien attributes: Move one step towards Monkey after the Monkey has moved. • On reaching Monkey: it takes a life from Monkey and disappears • On reaching Chest: it adds the Chest multiplier to its value. • On reaching Magician, King, Princess or Stone Monster: it adds ×1 to its value • On reaching Trap: it dies, leaving a Golden Chest on its starting position. It then equally spreads its value to adjacent Golden Chests or retains the entire value. • If killed by Princess or Stone Monster: same behaviour as when it reaches Trap. Once vanished, Alien may respawn in coming avalanches taking the value of the symbol it appears on. When teleport is discovered, the feature will end immediately and Seek N’ Destroy is triggered. Monkey’s extra life (beyond 1) will convert to extra Monkey shield(s) in Seek N’ Destroy.

Seek N' Destroy  image
Seek N' Destroy

Landing 4 Scatters will trigger Seek N’ Destroy. Each additional Scatter will award an extra Monkey shield. On a grid of 5 rows & 6 columns, random multiplier (1-10) on top of column 2-6, aliens will move towards the Monkey with each turn. Monkey jumps to a random row for each turn and fires a weapon to kill the Aliens and ultimately destroy Mothership. With each turn, an Alien having a multiplier comes in from all horizontal launcher tube. Once killed, its value is multiplied with the column’s multiplier and then awarded. Aliens can have different amount of life. Apart from Aliens, Booster symbols awarding a Shield or a weapon upgrade might also appear in the launcher tube. Feature ends when Monkey has no more lives, or Monkeypendence Day is triggered. Each turn phase: • Monkey moves to a random row • Aliens/Booster symbols move one step to the left • Launch tubes spawn a new wave of Aliens • Random weapon is chosen and fired straight ahead by the Monkey • Any killed Alien’s value(s) is awarded after being multiplied by corresponding column multiplier Different weapons: • Link Gun: Takes a life of all Aliens of the same kind. If no Alien is present, it will fire at 2 Launch tubes. Fires twice if upgraded. • Laser Gun: Takes a life of all Aliens in the same row including launcher tube. Also kill Aliens of adjacent rows if upgraded. • Nuke: Takes a life of all Aliens in one column. If no Alien is present, it will also fire at neighbouring Launch tubes. Fires twice if upgraded. • Rail Gun: Kills an Alien. Fires twice if upgraded. Launcher tube has 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 lives (starting from top row). Each weapon fire reduces one life from Launcher tube and from the Mothership. Once a launcher tube is destroyed: - 100 times bet is awarded for each Launcher tube. - Destroys all Aliens in neighboring rows and award their values. - Once destroyed, Launcher tube will not spawn Aliens. On reaching the left edge of the Launcher tube on the same row as Monkey, Aliens will remove a shield/life from Monkey. Booster symbols in this case will award a Shield or a weapon upgrade. Monkeypendence Day Mothership has 25 lives which decreases by one for every time a launcher tube is shot. When Mothership or all Launcher tubes are destroyed, bonus round will end and a random multiplier (5, 10, 15, 20) will be awarded which is multiplied to the accumulated bonus win. Monkey’s extra life (beyond 1) will convert to extra Monkey shield(s) in Seek N’ Destroy

Nolimit Bonus Buy image
Nolimit Bonus Buy

Buy your way straight into the different bonus features, ranging from 100x to 500 times the base bet. The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets. • The Hide N’ Seek Feature can be bought for 79 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00. • The Seek N’ Destroy Feature can be bought for 272 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00. • Lucky Draw can be bought for 143 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00.

The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.