Road Rage
Buckle up - We’re hitting the road. Every traffic jam starts with at least one dumba$$. This one has five! Make sure you’ve had your morning coffee, because this slot puts the ‘rush’ into rush hour traffic. Anger management classes won’t help you here - you’re in for the ride of your life.


Release Date





Hit Frequency

1 in 80m

Max Win Probability

36 000 x bet

Max payout

1 in 221

Free Spins




Feature buy-in


Bonus mode


Min/Max bet


Once again Nolimit City experiments with new themes and features, this time taking us out on the road during rush hour. During the spins, a fast-paced music plays in the background and you can slowly feel the stress creeping up to create nerve-wracking moments. It's a game where we get to meet 5 different drivers who, with their humorous touches along with the strong choices of colors, bring a more pleasant feel to this otherwise stressful environment. The game has been created with many different features and it must be admitted that it takes a while before you start to grasp their different meanings, as unlike the stationary traffic, it can get very hectic during the spins. Something you quickly understand though is that the wild cars are the key to riches and during the base game spins you can get some lovely tastes of their potential. In fact, they can receive multipliers, which can grow quite a bit during the bonus game, since they can become sticky wilds. What we often experienced entertaining when activating the various bonus modes, was that you got a hefty dose of free spins from the start. This was thanks to the rage buff feature being activated beforehand and this resulted in you being able to take part in this spectacular adventure for quite some time. The game has obtained a high potential maximum win of 36000X the bet, however it occurs through an average of 1 in 80M spins. While one may not achieve the maximum win very often, it is a game that tends to deliver big wins anyways and with an average of 1 in 221 spins to activate the bonus game, there could be many lucrative moments. After a restful summer break, most people are back at their jobs and the recognition factor with the stress that can occur during rush hour is high. The theme is great fun and the generous number of different features that can be activated during the spins, makes this game, just like the traffic jams, long lasting. Road Rage is a slot where high-intensity and often stressful spins, can be worth the effort as big wins can be scooped up here.
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The Road Rage slot is a different direction for Nolimit City as it doesn’t feature any mechanics such as xWays, xSplit, xBomb or xNudge. It’s a new concept which will be appreciated by slot fans. The graphics and animations are as good as ever with the crazy characters really adding to the appealability. You will need to play this game quite a few times to understand how things work (demo mode is available for free above). That said, the action revolves around Wild Car symbols in the base game where symbol sizes increase and symbol multipliers increase for symbols the Wild Cars drive over. Land Red and Green Wild Cars to combine multipliers. The Rage Bluff feature takes place before any free spin feature and determines what multipliers apply to the Wild Cars and how many free spins you’ll play with. I found the Dice sign to be the most lucrative as you will get a more valuable road sign (2x multiplier). Once you get into a free spin feature, it’s a free for all. Wild Cars zoom around the screen and it’s pretty chaotic, like a Monday morning traffic jam in central Rome. In terms of upgrading the feature, you will go from the Morning Rush to the H1ghway Jam feature and H1ghway Jam to City Mayh3m feature once in 36 times. From the Morning Rush to the City Mayh3m feature, this will occur once every 2,000 spins. When it comes to win potential, you can win 36,000 x bet per spin. In the Morning Rush feature, this will occur once every 480,000 spins whilst it’s once every 65,000 spins in the H1ghway Jam feature. In the City Mayh3m feature, it will happen every 5,600 spins (on average). In conclusion, Road Rage is another innovative slot by Nolimit City who seem to create something unique and interesting with each release.
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Road Rage may boast irreverent humour, intricate gameplay and outstanding audio, but is far from being Nolimit City’s best work.
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Highway Jam
Top 10 Winners

Game Features

Wild Cars

Beep Beep! All cars are Wilds and have different features depending on the car’s colour;\n• The Yellow Car / Engine Breakdown increases all other symbol sizes by one on the same reel.\n• The Red Car / Drive By drives from right to left, and increases the symbol multiplier by 1 for all the symbols it drives over. Red Cars leave a Wild where it started and stops.\n• The Green Car/Drive-By does the same as the Red Car , however it drives from left to right, the opposite direction, instead.\nColliding Cars add the multipliers of both cars and the result multiplier is displayed on the Colliding Wild.

Bonus Modes: Morning Rush , City Mayh3m and H1ghway Jam

GET OFF THE ROAD! 3 Scatters trigger Morning Rush - 4 Scatters trigger H1ghway Jam, and 5 trigger City Mayh3m. Landing 1 or 2 Scatters\nin Morning Rush will upgrade the bonus mode to City Mayh3m and H1ghway Jam respectively.\nDuring the bonus modes, 1/2/3 of the Wild Cars will be selected and will act as a sticky Wild at their stop position during the bonus mode.

Rage Buff

Where did you get your license from, a cereal box?! Before each bonus mode starts, the Rage Buff will activate and decide additional spins and multipliers that applies to the Wild Cars during the bonus round.\nThe Wild Cars will land on the last reel and move horizontally through the reels and can take the effect of the road sign symbol it passes.\nThe available road sign symbols are: Stop, Turn, Freespin, Car, Speed- Bump and Dice. The Wild Cars will follow the road signs and adapt accordingly!

Mystery Symbols

Mystery symbols may only land in a bonus mode. Only one Mystery symbol can land on each reel.\nThe Mystery Symbol reveals a colour of either green, red or yellow. Revealing a colour that matches any Wild Car increases that Wild Car’s multiplier by 1. If there’s no match, it will give +1 spin.

Ghost Rider

You’re now free to hit that pedal to the metal - The max payout of the game is 36,000 times the base bet.

Nolimit Bonus - Feature Buy Functionality

Buy your way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 66x to 666x the base bet.

* The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.