Devil's Crossroad
It's time you made a deal with the devil. The everlasting thirst for fame and fortune runs deep through the veins of some - and they’ll be damned if they had it any other way. Redemption will only get you so far - here, the devil deals the cards.


Release Date





Hit Frequency

1 in 3.9m

Max Win Probability

13 180 x bet

Max payout

1 in 189

Free Spins




Feature buy-in


Bonus mode


Min/Max bet


While possessing a level of innovation, there’s something about Devil’s Crossroad that left us wanting more.
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A grid like this was first seen in the super bonus of Gluttony. We liked it then, and we like it now. Spinning the base game feels different to pretty much any other slot and is a testament to NoLimit’s strive for groundbreaking, innovative games. Thus, we were quite excited to see what they had cooked up for the bonus game, which turned out to be different from what we expected. The Redemption Spins feature is a bit too hold & spin-like for our liking. We said the same when NoLimit released Whacked, and we want to reiterate that we don’t think it’s a bad or boring game by any means. It’s just NoLimit that has created such high expectations by constantly pushing boundaries and giving us new experiences. And of course, it’s not a standard re-spin bonus with collectors and payers, but one with tons of different features and mechanics to boost the values. Furthermore, we would’ve been able to somewhat look past the lack of spark and innovation if it was jam-packed with potential, but with a max win of 13,180x the bet, it’s on the lower end of the NoLimit max win spectrum. With all that said, we do think that this is a solid game. It has a nice free spins frequency of 1 in 189 spins, meaning that you’ll see quite a lot of action, albeit the action is slightly toned down. Devil’s Crossroad by NoLimit City offers an awesome base game grid and a hold & win-type bonus.
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Nolimit City kicks off 2024 with a devilish composition of their unique Crosslink mechanics mixed with a tried and true hold&win bonus hiding mighty sin cards up its sleeve.
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In conclusion, the Devil’s Crossroad slot introduces a new mechanic which Nolimit City will surely build upon in future. With more variation to the bonus features including higher win potential makes Crosslink Ways one to watch.
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Crosslink Ways Reel Area
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Game Features

Reel Area  image
Reel Area

The game area is divided into four cross sections, each containing four symbols connected in the center by a Devil Wild. Winning combinations are removed and remaining symbols fall towards the center. New symbol falls in to fill the empty spaces.

Cross Wilds image
Cross Wilds

Any paying symbol next to the center position may randomly become a Wild symbol.

Cross Multiplier  image
Cross Multiplier

When a win occurs then the same kind of symbol will be removed from the other cross sections if they are not a part of win. Each symbol removed this way increases its cross section multiplier by 1. Wins are multiplied by their respective cross section multiplier.

Scatter  image

Scatter symbol may appear in the center row/column of their cross section. When a Scatter symbol appears next to the center position, the remaining symbols in it’s cross section become inactive and symbols of the same type are removed from the other cross sections. Removed symbols can no longer appear for the remaining drops. Each symbol removed this way increases its cross section multiplier by 1.

Redemption Spins image
Redemption Spins

Landing 4 Scatter symbols will activate Redemption Spins. The feature starts with 3 spins and will reset to 3 spins every time a coin lands in the reel area. All coin values are valued as times the active bet. When a column is entirely filled with coins a feature will be awarded for that column on each following spin. The feature affect coins on the column it is on. Below are the features that can be triggered: Gluttony Add it’s value to all coins value. Wrath Multiplies the value of a randomly selected coin on it’s row/column. Lust Progresses a step towards upgrading Redemption Spins. Greed It selects a random coin from it’s row/column which collects all the coin values from it’s column/row respectively. Envy Turns a randomly selected coin’s value into a copy of the highest current coin value in the entire reel area. Pride It selects a random coin from it’s row/column and add it’s value to all other coins on it’s column/row respectively. Redemption Spins can be upgraded either by collecting 4 levels in the upgrade bar or when all 4 Scatter lands next to center position in the main game. Upgrade bar collects 1 level either for each Lust feature triggered or for each Scatter landing next to the center position in the main game. Upgraded Redemption Spins triggers a feature for its row in addition to column. Devil coin is a special coin that can land during Redemption Spins and unlocks feature of it’s column. If Redemption Spins is upgraded then it also triggers a feature for it’s row.

Debt to be Paid image
Debt to be Paid

The max payout of the game is 13,180 times the base bet. When the total win exceeds this amount the game round will end and 13,180 times the base bet is awarded.

Nolimit Bonus Buy image
Nolimit Bonus Buy

Buy your way straight into the different bonus features, ranging from 80 to 500 times the base bet. • Redempmtion Spins can be bought for 80 times bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00. • Upgraded Redemption Spins can be bought for 500 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00. • Lucky Draw can be bought for 250 times the bet, maximum possible bet is €200.00.

The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.