Nolimit City registered Mechanics - xWays® and xNudge®

xWays xNudge

Introducing Nolimit City’s own in-house trademark mechanics, xNudge and xWays, two stellar mechanics built from the ground up to deliver incredible entertainment and raise the potential of any slot game!


A simple yet affective feature that turns any game into a massive potential bearing title! The basis of a nudging wild that can be introduced in varied manners. Every nudge is met with a multiplier increase on that same symbol, making every connect count, BIG!

xNudge is best showcased on our hit games; Tombstone and Deadwood as well as Dragon Tribe in terms of a different twist on the mechanic.


Defining the unpredictable and adding the surprise element to a slot game, xWays creates more excitement than can be met with words. The mechanic incorporates the surprise element in a game which can deliver unlimited increased Ways expansion in a fixed Ways game, making it a fluid experience and adding unprecedented potential!

xWays potential can be witnessed on games like; Punk Rocker, Dragon Tribe and Pixies vs Pirates.

xWays + xNudge

What more can be said. Combine these two incredible mechanics and witness magic!

Dragon Tribe and Pixies vs Pirates are perfect examples of what can be achieved with the two mechanics combined!

A few of our well-known titles that utilize these mechanics today.

Proven track record!

With several record-breaking titles already sporting both mechanics under our belt, we’re ready to open the doors to others benefiting from these two unique ideas!

How to get branded xWays & xNudge trademarks on your games?

You can now get your hands on both trademarks thanks to the third-party trademark agreement model which will allow for a multi-year licensing deal through joint partnership.

Read the guidelines for xWays and xNudge mechanics in the PDF.

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