Dead Canary- NOW LIVE!


Nolimit City Strikes Gold Once Again, with ‘Dead Canary’ Release.

Nolimit City has enjoyed a fantastic 2022 - boasting a broad range of hit slots that have rocked the industry with notable releases Tombstone RIP, Serial and The Rave. After conquering the skies in their last release, Pearl Harbor, the provider is gearing up to wrap up the year on a massive high and dig deeper than they’ve ever been before, with Dead Canary.

Dead Canary loosely follows the events of Fire in the Hole and Misery Mining - taking place deep underground inside the mythical ‘Federal Beer Reserve’. The provider proclaims, "After successfully finding the perfect brew recipe for the perfect beer, it’s now time to accompany our favourite angry dwarf on his quest for true love… “. The slot’s charming theme along with the sleek art direction Nolimit players have become accustomed to combine perfectly in this highly engaging, action-packed slot.

The slot’s base game plays on a 3-4-3-4-3-4 layout and introduces a significant twist to the traditional collapsing avalanche mechanic in the way symbols fall onto the reels. The fresh is then merged with the familiar, with well-known mechanics such as Wild Mining, xBomb®, and xBet® making an explosive impact on the game. When paired with the fantastic free spins mode, Nolimit has created a unique experience that has all the ingredients to become an instant classic.

The slot focuses its spotlight on the endearing yet innovative ‘Canary Freespins’. The dwarf is now located in the “Federal Beer Reserve” and greedy as he is, he’ll try and collect as many coins and treasure as possible even though it will mean he’ll have to sacrifice his canaries. The 3-2-1 collector game is bound to keep players on the edge of their seats. The dynamics of the bonus change depending on which type of bird triggers the bonus, and where they’re placed - creating a unique experience each time. One thing remains consistent though, those birds must be blown up!

In typical Nolimit fashion, Dead Canary is extremely volatile. Whoever said life in the mines had to be miserable? Dead Canary is all about the love. The takeaway advice given by the Dwarf is “Happy Wife, Happy Life!” - and following that advice will secure Dead Canary’s maximum simulated payout of 65,000 times the base bet!

Per Lindheimer, Product owner at Nolimit City:
”We thought our favourite angry dwarf deserved a happy ending. Such a journey won't be easy though - but we’ve made sure it’s incredibly fun and entertaining. Stock up on tonnes of explosives, heaps of treasure, and a handful of trusty old canaries to scope out those dusty mines.”

Dead Canary will be available on all Nolimit City partners from December 20th, 2022.

About Nolimit City

Nolimit City is a Malta, Sweden, India, and Romania-based online casino platform and game developer, offering high-quality content and services to operators worldwide. The company has designed and developed its platform in-house from the ground up; delivering a strong engine that can take large volumes of play and social interaction in its stride, on both desktop and mobile. It is coupled with an innovative back office and bonus toolbox, providing a one-stop shop for our partners. It is hugely flexible and can be tailored to individual operator requirements and needs. We employ some of the brightest minds and artistic talents in the industry, people passionate about gambling and technology. They have helped us to create a portfolio bursting with fun and engaging games.


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