Blood & Shadow

Deep into the shadows of an abandoned cathedral lays a dark mist - where the underworld is free to roam, and immortality beckons.

After decades of studying the forbidden arts, far away from any form of civilisation, Shadow Girl has discovered a ritual for eternal youth.

It's time to enact the ritual.

Game Features

The reel setup is 4-4-4-4-4 rows across 5 reels with a Ritual bar at the bottom row.

Winning combinations will be destroyed and remaining symbols will tumble down, allowing the new symbols to fall in.

At the Ritual Bar, there are 5 levels of progression. The Ritual Bar resets for each level-up. Exceeding collects are carried over to the next level.

- Level 1: 20
- Level 2: 30
- Level 3: 40
- Level 4: 60
- Level 5: 80

Landing the Scatter Symbols and winning combinations of medium and high paying symbols advances the Ritual Bar.

- Medium paying symbol = +1 per winning symbol
- High paying symbol = +2 per winning symbol
- Scatter Symbol = +10 per Scatter symbol

Each level removes the lowest paying symbol and also converts medium symbols to high paying symbols.

Reaching a new level of the Ritual Bar awards +2 Candle Spins till level 4.

+6 Freespins are awarded when advancing to Cursed Spins.

Before any new level, any plausible wins pays out before progressing to the next level.

During Candle Spins, the Ritual bar performs the same as in the base game.

Sticky Wilds can only land on reel 2-5.

Candle Spins/ Cursed Spins: The Wild drops down to the bottom of the reel and becomes a sticky Wild, until it is part of the winning combination or a new bet is made.

xSplit® will be activated during Cursed Spins.

When an xSplit® lands it will either split the row or the reel.

xSplit® can split any symbol, multiplying the symbol size by 2.

Multiple xSplits® can land on the same row, but not on the same reel.

Buying Baphomet Rite instantly progresses the Ritual bar to level 3 and awards +6 Candle Spins.

3 of the low and medium paying symbols are replaced with 3 high paying symbols.

+6 Freespins are awarded when entering Cursed Spins.

Any potential wins have to be completed before entering Cursed Spins.

The Ritual bar is removed and the reel area becomes a 5x5 reel with only high paying symbols. Landing a Scatter gives +1 freespin.

Buying Cursed Spins awards you 10 freespins.

The max payout of the game is 6,666 times the base bet.

When the total win exceeds this amount, the game round will end and 6,666 times the base bet is awarded.

Nolimit Bonus - Feature Buy Functionality
Buy you way straight into one of the different bonus features, ranging from 55-500 times the base bet.
The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.

Game Information

Total RTP 96.13% , 94.03 % (DX1), 92.04% (DX2)
Volatility Extreme (10)
Hit frequency 27.18%
Max payout 6,666x times the base bet (1 in 97M spins with the 96.13% RTP Option)
NLC Direct Game ID BloodAndShadow / BloodAndShadowDX1 / BloodAndShadowDX2
OSS Table ID bloodandshadow00 / bloodandsadowdx1 / bloodandsadowdx2 / bloodandsadowdx4 ( DX4 for use in DE markets only )
Technology HTML5
Resolution Optimized for 1280x720px, 16:9
Devices Mobile & desktop
Languages 24
Currencies 100+
Bonus mode Yes
Min bet 0.20 EUR
Max bet 280 EUR
Features 8 (Ritual Bar, Candle Spins, xSplit®, Sticky Wilds, Baphomet Rite, Cursed Spins, The Pact is Sealed, Nolimit Bonus - Feature Buy*)
Reels x Rows 4-4-4-4-4 up to 5-5-5-5-5 (in Cursed Spins)

*The Nolimit Bonus feature may however be removed in some regulated markets.